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Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus. Before the start digital marketing course in India, we need to know about the Digital Marketing Syllabus in India.

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digital marketing syllabus is not stable it changes every now and then so, you have to be updated with all new upcoming updates, technic, and strategies.

which you cannot find in textbooks.

With the help of Edge Digital Media Institute Jaipur, here we provided the Digital Marketing Course Syllabus 2020.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus in India

This course can be done by anyone like students, business owners, housewives, or working man.

If you are one of them and try to start a career in the field of digital marketing then you have to know about the Digital Marketing Course Syllabus.


Check out the below-given step by step details for the syllabus of Digital marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • What is marketing?
  • What is digital marketing?
  • Why are people going online?
  • Key concepts of digital marketing
  • Benefits of digital marketing
  • How digital marketing evolved
  • Who’s using digital marketing?
  • How traditional and digital media differ?
  • What is inbound and outbound marketing?
  • Understand the future of digital marketing
  • What is the Internet and how it works?
  • How internet evolved?
  • What is search engine?
  • Types of search engine
  • How search engine works?
  • Why is google the world’s best search engine?
  • Ranking factors of google
  • What are the reasons for the yahoo’s failure?
  • Tools required in digital marketing
  • What is advertising?
  • What is online advertising?
  • What is AdWords?
  • Some of the best digital marketing case studies
  • Carer scope in Digital Marketing

Website Design Guidelines

  • What is Website?
  • What is www?
  • What are the different types of website?
  • Web page vs website
  • Difference between blog vs website
  • Components of website
  • Purpose of creating websites
  • How to build a web page?
  • Web design vs web development
  • What makes a website user-friendly?
  • Dynamic vs Static website
  • What are responsive websites?
  • Build your own portfolio website

Domain Registration and Hosting

  • What is domain & subdomain name?
  • Parts of domain name
  • How to choose a domain name?
  • What is Protocol?
  • What is IP address
  • What is web hosting?
  • What is Uptime
  • Types of Web Hosting
  • How to buy domain and hosting?
  • Costs of a domain name
  • Buying and managing domains
  • Importance of server security
  • What is SSL certification?
  • When your site goes down what will happen?
  • What is page authority and domain authority?

WordPress website creation

  • What is WordPress?
  • Understanding WordPress and it’s functioning?
  • Features of WordPress
  • Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress
  • com vs
  • Sites built with WordPress
  • How to Install WordPress?
  • Editing the page and change the site title
  • Add and edit a menu
  • Blog page design
  • Adding a video to your website
  • Add social sharing buttons
  • Working with dashboard
  • What is Plugins and its uses?
  • What is a widget and how to use it
  • Creation of Pages and Menus
  • The importance of homepage
  • Terms, Privacy, and Disclaimers
  • Difference between Posts and Pages
  • Integrating google analytics
  • Adding site to webmaster tools

Search Engine Optimization

  • Introduction and Understanding of SEO?
  • How Search Engine works?
  • Basics of SEO
  • On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO
  • What is the main purpose of using keyword in SEO?
  • Some important SEO tools
  • What is link building and why does it matter?
  • What are backlinks?
  • What is an outbound link?
  • Difference between do-follow and no-follow links
  • What are meta tags
  • What is an anchor text?
  • What is robots.txt?
  • What is landing page?
  • Latest updates in Google search algorithm
  • Panda algorithm vs Penguin algorithm
  • How to remove toxic links to a site?
  • What is Sitemap? How is it important?
  • What is social bookmarking?
  • What is social networking?
  • What is RSS feed?
  • What are google sitelinks?
  • What is google my business?
  • Popular SEO Blogs to follow
  • What is Alexa Ranking?
  • Why we use content marketing for SEO?

Keyword Research and planning

  • What is Keywords?
  • Types of Keywords
  • Keyword-based on length
  • History of Keyword Research
  • Why is keyword research important?
  • LSI Keywords
  • What is keyword research process?
  • Understanding your target market
  • What is Keyword Density, and does it matter?
  • Know what your people want
  • How to use google keyword planner?
  • How to do the business analysis?

Content Writing

  • What is content writing
  • Introduction to the different types of Contents
  • How to improve writing skills?
  • How to write SEO optimized content?
  • Use of proper Tags (h1, h2, h3)
  • Attractive Title and Headings
  • Anchor Texts
  • How to count words
  • Understanding your audience
  • Write for users, not for google
  • What makes good content?

Social Media Optimisation

  • What is Social Media Optimization?
  • What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?
  • Search Engine Optimization vs Social Media Optimization
  • List of social media
  • Importance of social media
  • How Social Media Affects SEO?
  • How to promote business through SMO
  • What is Viral Marketing
  • Social media success tracking tools?
  • What type of social media content converts best?
  • What is the responsibility of social media manager?
  • Top social media marketing tools to consider?
  • Some common social media mistakes

Google Algorithms

  • Intro to Google Algorithm
  • Types of Google Algorithms
  • How Algorithms works
  • How to adjust Algorithms
  • Check if you have been hit by any of them
  • Major Google Algorithm changes and Penalties

Google Search Console

  • Understanding of Google Search Console
  • Using Google Search Console to Increase Traffic
  • Crawl Stats Vs Crawl Error
  • Removing Spam Backlinks from Website
  • Index Pages in Google Search Console

Google Analytics

  • Introduction of Google Analytics
  • Data Analysing with Google Analytics
  • Checking User Behaviour
  • Tracking Traffic from Different Source
  • Using Analytics Date for Retargeting

Google AdSense

  • Money Making with AdSense
  • Easy Steps for AdSense
  • How to Approve AdSense Account
  • Placing Ads to Website

Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Algorithms
  • Ad Practices for Ad Content
  • Facebook Targeting Options
  • Retargeting or Facebook Exchange
  • Facebook Page Management

Twitter Marketing

  • Introduction to Twitter Marketing
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter Marketing
  • Twitter Ads – Content & Targeting
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Power of Twitter and use of hashtags
  • Tools and Measurement

LinkedIn Marketing

  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • How to Market
  • Personal marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn Campaigns

Instagram Marketing

  • Creating a Business Page
  • Marketing Tools and Ads
  • Influencer Marketing on Instagram
  • Strategy How to Drive Engagement
  • Switching Accounts
  • Lead Generation through Instagram

Tiktok Marketing

  • Introduction of Tiktok Ads
  • Tiktok Campaigns
  • How to Create Ads
  • Remarketing in Tiktok

Viral Marketing

  • Understanding About Trends
  • Searching Trends
  • Creating Content Go Viral
  • Omni Channel Approach

Quora Marketing

  • Introduction of Quora Ads
  • Type of Ads Campaigns
  • Quora Pixel Code Installation
  • How to Create Ads
  • Remarketing in Quora

TrueCaller Marketing

  • Introduction of True Caller
  • True Caller Campaigns
  • How to Create Ads
  • Remarketing in True Caller

Hotstar Marketing

  • Introduction of Hotstar
  • Hotstar Campaigns
  • How to Create Ads
  • Custom Audience in Hotstar

Pinterest Marketing

  • Why use Pinterest for business?
  • How to set up a Pinterest account for your business
  • Analyze Work
  • Spice Up Your Strategy
  • How to Create Popular Pins
  • Images that Work

YouTube Marketing

  • YouTube Channel Creation
  • Video Creation, Uploading and Optimization
  • Video Content and story line ups
  • Channel Monetization
  • How to earn like a Boss
  • Case Study

Social Media Automation

  • How to Automate Social Media
  • Tools to Automate Social Media
  • What you Can & Can’t Automate
  • Automating Social Media Reporting & Analytics
  • Find the best time to share
  • Rules of Smart Social Media Automation

Google AdWords

  • What is AdWords?
  • Ads Placement
  • How to get approval for AdWords?
  • How to get Ads on your Blog/YouTube
  • Content and traffic strategy
  • Guidelines and requirements


  • Intro to Geo-Targeting
  • IP Based Geo-Targeting
  • How to reach visitors from different countries
  • Keyword Selection Based on Geographic Targeting
  • Tracking Email location
  • Website Planning Based on Geographic Targeting

Online display Advertising

  • Marketing Objectives to Display Advertisement
  • Display Ad Formats & Tools
  • Audience Targeting
  • Remarketing and Advanced Audience Selection
  • Dynamic Display Ads
  • Payment Modules

E-commerce Marketing

  • What is Ecommerce Websites
  • E-Commerce Marketing concepts
  • The online purchasing decision
  • Top Motivators for Shopping Online
  • Advantages of eCommerce
  • Use affiliate marketing for e-commerce strategy

Email Marketing

  • Understanding & Benefits of Email Marketing
  • How to write Effective content and subject line?
  • Why Email automation is required?
  • Designing an effective Email campaign
  • Tracking Email Marketing Reports
  • Email Guidelines

SMS Marketing

  • Introduction to SMS Marketing
  • Why SMS Marketing
  • Kinds of SMS
  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS
  • How to Integrate SMS on Software’s

Mobile Marketing

  • What is Mobile Marketing?
  • Methods of Mobile Marketing
  • How to create a mobile website?
  • Why Focus on Smartphone Apps
  • Advertising on Mobile App
  • Importance and Future Scope

App Store Optimization

  • Why it’s important?
  • How is App SEO done?
  • Character Limit in Title and description
  • Why rating and reviews are important factors
  • Advertise your application


  • How do Remarketing Ads work?
  • How much does Remarketing Cost
  • What is Remarketing Campaign
  • How to target non-converting audience segments
  • How to Boost Conversions with Remarketing
  • Strategies for Better Remarketing

Affiliate Marketing

  • An introduction to affiliate Marketing
  • Types of Affiliate Programmes
  • When do you use Affiliate Marketing?
  • Top Affiliate Earners in India
  • Choose best affiliate networks
  • Grow your Business with Affiliate Marketing?

Growth Hacking

  • What is Growth Hacking?
  • Who uses it and Why do we need it?
  • Growth Hacking Tools
  • Growth Funnels and Tactics
  • How to Approach Marketing Data Analysis?
  • Case Studies of Growth Hacking

Lead Generation

  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Magnets
  • Landing Page Conversion Techniques
  • Lead Scoring

Money-Making Secrets

  • How do I make money successfully?
  • How entrepreneurs are making money?
  • How can you earn a lot of money?
  • Secret ways to make money online
  • How to keep your business growing?
  • The average person can become a millionaire


  • Introduction of ORM
  • Reputation Problems
  • Eliminating Negative Website
  • Consumer Complaint Sites

Video Marketing & Editing

  • Basic of Video Marketing
  • Hacks of Video Marketing
  • Basic of Filmora & Final Cut Pro
  • A-Z Video Editing

Photo Editing

  • Basic of Photoshop
  • Editing Image
  • Crating Creatives
  • Basic of Canva
  • Marking Ads with Canva & Hacks of Canva

Interview Preparation

  • Interview Preparation Essentials
  • Essential Tools and Resources to Help you succeed
  • How to Crack Any Interview? Industry Secrets
  • Written Test Preparation
  • Mock Interview Session

Freelance Guidelines

  • Freelancing Overview
  • Types of Freelancing Work
  • Finding Clients: Freelance Websites
  • How to grab freelancing Projects

Final Doubt Session

Digital Marketing Citification

After the completion of the Digital Marketing Course will get 15-20 Certification by Google, HubSpot, Bing, and Institution. Certification list is given below

Certification By Google

  1. Display Advertising
  2. Search Ad Certification
  3. Digital Sales
  4. Google Ads Mobile
  5. Google Video Ads
  6. Shopping Ads
  7. Programmatic

Certification By Bing

Certification By HubSpot

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Lead Generation
  4. SEO
  5. Marketing Automation
  6. Social Media
  7. Website Design

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Which topic must be cover in digital marketing syllabus in India?

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Edge Digital Media Institute covers all topics in Jaipur.

Is it necessary to check digital marketing syllabus?

Of course, it is necessary because you must have to know that the institute where you will do digital marketing, how many topics they will cover.

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